What Is An Online Lottery?

You might have heard colleagues at work speaking about online lotteries at work in hushed tones. No one wants to let the cat out of the bag. You might have heard them referred to as "concierge services" or "proxies". So what is an online lottery?


In a nutshell, an online lottery is nothing more than a real lottery. Except instead of having to go out to the store to fill out your tickets, you can do it online. The very best among the online lotteries is LotteryMaster. They offer a massive list of worldwide lotteries, among which you will find the Powerball lotto.

With a lottery service all you do is set up an account with an ewallet service and you can immediately gain access to a vast number of lottos. If you win the money appears in your ewallet and you can withdraw it as though it were an ATM.

Wait A Minute!

I know what you're about to say: "You need to physically have the ticket in order to get the money! Those tickets are like cash!" I can understand how a lifetime of thinking in a certain way can make you resistant to change. Fear not. There is an answer, and you're going to think it's pretty cool.

You're probably imagining some electronic scheme involving radio signals and internets. But, the answer is a lot more low tech than that. Remember how these services are called "concierge" or "proxy?" There's a reason.

A human being is given the numbers you fill in online and walks over to a store near his or her office and simply buys your ticket for you. You can be anywhere on earth and it doesn't matter. You will be the owner of a legitimate lottery ticket. Imagine, sipping mai tais in Bora Bora while some poor sod in Manhattan is running to the store in the freezing rain to get you your ticket.

Once the ticket is bought, it's attached to your account and set in a secure location in case you win the jackpot. If you win any other prize, the money just gets credited to you without you having to lift a finger.

So That's It!

That's why they call it a concierge. You literally get your own lotto butler who does your bidding whether it's rain or shine. But LotteryMaster isn't simply a courier service. It's also a database. They do all the research for you, just as a good concierge should.

They mine data on all the Powerball (or EuroMillions or what have you – there are tons of lotteries on there) draws going back to the first one. It's a well known fact that the lottery draws are only semi-random and that there is a pattern underneath it all.

You might not be able to crack the pattern, but it sure helps to be able to see which numbers win all the time and which ones always lose. Guess which of those numbers you should be playing on a regular basis? Go ahead, take your time. You might want to consult with your new "help"…